eXstor GmbH, Wiesbaden

Our company name eXstor sums up our activities in one word: for us, eXtended storage means that we expand the functionality of the storage products you use, particularly IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), using our products, services and service offerings.

Since Mai 2013 we are offering our TSM High Availability TSMCluster® in the new Version 5.2 based on the AIX and Linux operating systems. The new version of this robust, scalable and widely used cluster software for TSM offers significant improvements and numerous new functions in the event of an IT failure:

  • Any-to-any concept (multiple TSM servers running on multiple machines) is enhanced with additional functions
  • New TSM sensors that monitor critical values in the operating system, DB2 and TSM
  • Pre-defined sensors for IBM TSLM, ACSLS and GPFS
  • Relational database for cluster and sensor data with SQL interface
  • Central configuration, log monitor and intelligent lock mechanism
  • Enhanced web interface with sensor integration
  • GPFS as a stable basis for real file-sharing between TSM instances
  • HADR, TSLM and ACSLS integration
  • The product TSMCluster® is registered worldwide and in the IBM Global Solution Directory

In spite of its high complexity, the TSMCluster® remains easy to operate via web interface or command line.

As well as these core competencies, as an IBM Advanced Business Partner, we offer all services regarding TSM and will be happy to help you with your IBM power systems and storage using our expertise.