TSM Symposium Präsentationen


A deep dive into DB2

Abstract: Ok, now we have a relational database inside of TSM and all advantages we desired in older versions: DB2. We can use it, we do not have to know something about it. Is this the truth?
In this session, I invite you to follow me into a deep dive into DB2. Where are the interfaces to TSM? What settings are relevant to TSM? How does the reorganization work? How can I optimize DB2 for reliability, for scalability, for perfomance? How can I understand the logs in times of trouble? HADR, never heard? Let’s talk about it. Here is the presentation.

Tape configuration for TSM

Abstract: This presentation will give hands on experience for IBM and non-IBM attachment to TSM on AIX and Linux. Included are tipps for a successful tape attachment with Atape, persistent naming, udev rules and performance issues. For a analysis of tape problems it is necessary to know where to look and how to read the log information (operating system logs and tape driver logs). Here is the presentation.